Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope your 2015 is starting with a bang. So far I've had two ER visits and the start of a head cold (don't worry, the ER visits were for C who has pink eye).

I'm really excited about all the plans I have for 2015. Big things are afoot in Liz - land, so stay tuned.

Monday, December 15, 2014

gearing up for the holidays

As any retail worker can attest, November and December are the busiest time of year.  At my Wal-Mart, we like to say that working retail ruins the holiday season for us.  Customers are cranky and rude (ok, ok, not ALL of them, but enough to wreck the day), no relaxing to enjoy Thanksgiving because you have to get your nap in to work Black Friday, not enough time off to enjoy the things others get to with their families -- meeting Santa, tree lightings/parade of lights, holiday parties. 

In my quest for more joy and peace in my life I am trying to stop focusing on what I am not able to do in terms of celebrating the holidays and start focusing on the little things that I am able to do.  Which means that it's my goal to have the above paragraph be the last time I bitch about it.

** Take a night to drive around listening to Christmas music and look at the Christmas light
** Go pick out the Christmas tree as a family
** Bake Christmas cookies with Miss M
** Have a Christmas movie night with Corey or friends
** Going sledding if there is enough snow
** Lots of hot drinks in festive Christmas mugs
** Plan my 2015 (joy, adventures, blogging, and building my Northern Maine Life)

What holiday traditions do you look forward to?  Are you looking to downsize your Christmas festivities this year?

Monday, December 8, 2014

awesome things planned

It's amazing how much time I had to think about what direction I wanted this blog to head in the future without having Internet to distract me.  I have some plans that will happen soon and some future ones that I want to build up to. Without further ado --- 

Starting at the beginning of 2015, I am going to be doing Joyful Thursdays. I'll be sharing tips on how to add more joy to life, reading recommendations for joyful books, and even interviews with people living their joy. I am super excited about this addition to Somewhere Over Yonder and hope everyone loves it as much as I do.

I will also be adding a monthly series -- Try It -- where I will be trying new activities (both big and small) in my quest to find some hobbies. I used to have hobbies, but somehow life has gotten in the way lately.

I do have a few more ideas up my sleeves, but a girl can't give away all her secrets.  I can't wait to get started with the new year and a new commitment to this little space of mine.