Tuesday, January 13, 2015

i'm loving // links and finds

**  This is one of the most interesting nature/outdoor photographers that I've come across in a long time. 

Photo Credit // Joe Decker, Rock Slide Photography

**  Hannah of Hannah Gale is one of my new blog finds but I've really liked what I've read so far. Her post on how she felt lonely and missing friends just really spoke to me.  
Chris says I'm being too picky about new friends too. I didn't reach out to one girl because I didn't like her shoes in one photo I saw online.  But the truth is, I don't want new friends.  I have friends.  They're just scattered somewhere between 70 and 150 miles away from me.
**  Was anyone else as excited as I was for Josh Gates' new show Expedition Unknown? The first episode last Thursday was about Amelia Earhart and was freaking awesome! 

**  I am pretty much a crazy bunny lady and this is my idea of heaven

**  I want these. I want these bad

**  One of my favorite bloggers is Belinda at Found Love, Now What? She writes about being an American expat in Wales, positivity, and shares about her travels and life.  She is wonderful and I highly recommend that you head over and check out her blog (and check out her Instagram if you want to see some beautiful pictures of Wales)
I am always on the lookout for some awesome new blogs to read -- big or small, any suggestions?

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