Wednesday, February 25, 2015

winter adventure

Since C had to work all Valentines day, I decided to take a little me time and do some exploring.  Specifically, I had planned to drive down to Baxter State Park, take some photos, and be on my merry way.

When I pulled into the "parking area" (basically the snow plow turn around area where they stop plowing) I noticed that there was an event happening.

Much to my delight, not only were they renting cross country skis in honor of the Great Maine Get Outdoors Weekend, but the rentals were free. Woot Woot!!
Now, I was seriously under dressed for a long trek in the freezing cold temps we've had lately, but I chanced it anyway.
Oh, did I mention that it's been YEARS since I skied?  No?  Well, it's been awhile.
After my adventure, I chatted with the nice lady running the weekend, Sue, who told me that they have plans to come back in March sometime to do another free weekend.  Count me in!  Hopefully we have Miss M that weekend and can get her on some skis too.

The people setting this whole shin-dig up is Katahdin Woods & Waters.  They do events around the year and are currently trying to raise support to turn the recreation area into a National Park .... which would be pretty awesome. Check out their website and Facebook page.

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