Tuesday, March 10, 2015

bucket list

There are so many things in life I want to do and I LOVE crossing things off a list : thus my love of a life or bucket list was born.  This list is a living document.  Goals will change as my wants and life changes.  That's the great thing about a life list - it's all about you. Your needs, your wants, your rules.

Visit all National Parks
Create a passive income stream
Run a 5k
Rock climb
Re-do a VW Camper Van or pull behind camper
Help build a Habitat for Humanity House
Go to NOLA
Read and watch all Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books / movies
Learn to snowboard
Go on a ghost hunt
Sing in a karaoke bar
Shoot a gun
Shoot a bow and arrow
Go zip lining
Get a tattoo
See Mt. Everest (get to the Everest Base Camp?)
Host a scavenger hunt (Big Bang Theory style)
Throw a murder mystery party
Take a pilgrimage
Buy a house
Write a letter to my future self
Go white water rafting
Do a polar bear swim
Go to San Diego Comic Con
Sponsor a child
Max out my Roth IRA 5 years in a row
Save $10,000
Mentor a high school student
Meet someone who inspires me
Hike the Inca Trail
Go geo caching
Read and watch all the Harry Potter books / movies 
Some goals may be silly or small, but all mean something to me.  And really, that's the point of creating a bucket list - to do things that make your insides happy.  

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