Tuesday, March 24, 2015

celebrate spring

Although it is *officially* spring, I think we may have a little ways to go here in Northern Maine before the snow goes away.
If you’re like me and cling to the fact that nice weather is on the way (even if you can’t see it), here are some ways to celebrate the start of spring and get you in the mood for that warmer weather.
  • Start Your Plants
  • Buy some flowers for your house – bonus points if they are an early blooming flower like daffodils (my personal fav)
  • Open the windows and let in some fresh air – if it’s super cold, make sure you only do it for a few minutes… I don’t want you to freeze your buns
  • Get outside – if it’s nice, go for a hike.  If there’s still snow, embrace it and go cross country skiing.  Getting outside will also help you notice all those tell-tale signs that spring is starting to appear.
And for the more adventurous and/or warmer climated folk – Go camping.  Perhaps even making it your first camping trip of the season.  I won’t be because I don’t do winter camping, but I am considering a bonfire with s’mores.
** How do you celebrate Spring? **


  1. These photographs are gorgeous!! And I live in Southern California so spring isn't much to celebrate, only the rise in temperatures (don't leave us yet, winter!). But, we're hoping to build some planters soon so that we can enjoy some flowers in our patio! :)

    <3 Daisy
    Simplicity Relished

    1. Thanks! Spring here in Maine is a big deal - it feels like winter lasts from October to April.