Monday, March 9, 2015

sharing is caring // 03.09.2015

Did everyone (well, US everyones – I think we’re the only losers who do this) remember to “spring forward”?  Doesn’t losing that hour just seem like the biggest crock of shit ever?  It takes me a full week to recover from the one slight change.  But I digress …..
Onto Sharing is Caring – This week I wanted to share one of my fav new-to-me bloggers, Lou from Whiskey & Pancakes.

Welcome to the ramblings of a Scottish seaside dweller. Mostly in love with... gin | whisky | cake | adventuring | pickled onions | O | frothy coffee | photography | stargazing | constant candle burning | cheese | pyjamas | mug collecting
    -- via Whiskey & Pancakes
Although I have only been following her about a month or so, Lou is one of my can’t-miss reads.  I get so excited when she pops up in my Bloglovin’ feed.  I’m not 100% sure how I ran across her blog (maybe one of those “you may like” emails from Bloglovin’), but I am SO glad I did.
I love that I can travel Scotland vicariously through her… and her photos are GORGEOUS.  She comes across in her writing as a super fun and down to earth.  The kind of person that you’d like to be friends with in real life.  Plus, she lists cheese as one of the things she’s in love with in her “about” blurb – girl after my own heart.

You can find Lou here : Instagram //  Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Pinterest  //  Bloglovin’
But seriously – her photos?  Amazing!!

All photos are from Lou’s blog (Whiskey & Pancakes) or her Instagram account (@weezyduffy).

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