Thursday, March 12, 2015

the meaning behind the name

I’ve gotten asked a few times about where/how I came up the name for this here blog – Somewhere Over Yonder.
Whenever an ex and I would go adventuring (which was a TON, it’s basically all we ever did) and one of us would ask where something was or where we were headed, the answer was always, inevitably, “somewhere over yonder” or just “yonder”.  It was our thing.  One day, I even looked up towns called Yonder on the map, so that one day, maybe, we could go.  I found a few but we ended before a trip to Yonder ever happened.  
For me, the name invokes the feelings of adventure and excitement that I want to remember to bring to my everyday life.  It makes me remember all the adventures (with and without the ex) that I’ve had and to keep in mind that even if I feel like I am in a slump right now, life was, and is, pretty freaking cool.
I hope one day to finally make it to Yonder and think back fondly on all the adventures I’ve had getting there.  

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