Friday, March 6, 2015

this week in five // 03.06.15

**     On Sunday, my brother and I both watched The Music Man on Turner Classic Movies.  We Facebooked (is that a word?) quotes back and forth since we're not in the same area.  Yup - we're dorks
**     C and I took a trip to Mass and Vermont to get him a new car.  We spent most of the time driving and it wasn't a ton of fun for me, but I did get to see the beauty of Vermont and finish a really good book.
**     I have finally started to listen to Serial --- why have I resisted podcasts this long?!? Seriously, Serial is awesome!  Check it out!  Also, I started listening to After Buzz TV's Walking Dead podcast, which is pretty cool too.
**     Thanks to that Sprint commercial, I can't get this narwhal song out of my head.  Bastards!
**     I am SUPER stoked about a new website / project idea I came up with this past week.  Oh my god - super excited!!  It's still in the baby phase right now, so no info, but rest assured, it's awesome and will hopefully be starting the building phase soon.

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