Thursday, April 16, 2015


FEELING //  Tired - stupid allergies keeping me up

PLAYING //  Nothing ... I'm not playing anything at the moment, not even on my phone

WONDERING //  If I could get away with bringing one of the buns with me everywhere - even work

BOOKMARKING //  Tips on how to improve my About page. 

FINALIZING //  My new site -- Book Club of One (more info on this coming soon!)

CRAVING //  Turtle cake- chocolatey, caramely, gooey, yummy goodness

WORKING // Getting busier at the day job - which is good since it was getting boring

READING //  House of Echos by Brendan Duffy

LOVING //  That winter seems to finally be over -- weather in the 50s the last few days.  Yippee!!

MARVELING //  On how stupid some people can be --- they will believe anything.

PONDERING // How I can afford a vacation to Tokyo for C and I

ADMIRING //  Some cute bunny jewelry on Etsy

NEEDING //  To get my butt into gear and get to walking every day

ANTICIPATING //  I am super excited about a convention in Bangor in two weeks

DREAMING //  About creating enough income streams to let me work from home

LISTENING //  Thinking Sideway podcast - I'm addicted!!

PLANNING // My first camping trip of the year

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