Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Springtime Sadness

Between this lingering upper respiratory infection kicking my ass, the never ending rain of the past few days and the fact that temperatures have dipped back into the forties after some days of 60s and 70s, I've been in a slump and feeling down.  I've had a hard time doing anything - let alone getting my act together to post here like I want to.   I'm officially in a funk --- and not the fun kind

And to me - the worst of it is, because of the rain, I had to cancel my first camping trip of the year.  I try to get out the first or second weekend of May, but didn't this year and really feel like I missed out.  I am *hopefully* going to be heading out next weekend because it is really time for me to spend a little 1 on 1 time with nature.

Camping trip aside, I've decided it's time to pick myself up out of the sadness muck, start taking my Zoloft again everyday (another thing I've been slacking off on) and just get shit done.  I've spent way too much time today creating a To-Do list of that I want to accomplish between now and Friday when Miss M gets here for the weekend.  A lot of it is, unfortunately, the cleaning that I haven't been motivated to do lately.  And, it's insanely long.

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