About Somewhere Over Yonder

Somewhere Over Yonder is all about adding more joy to life, especially through adventures (big and small) and nature -- as well as sharing about my life in Northern Maine.

About Liz B.

I'm a firm believer that cheese and gravy make every food better, that fall is the best season, and that most ills can be cured by some time in the woods.  I love to travel and have adventures --- one of my life goals is to visit every National Park.  I've only gotten about 15, so I'd better get on it I guess.  As an unapologetic dork, I giggle-snort on a regular basis, dance in the car, and squeal and clap my hands when I get excited about something --- jumping up and down may or may not be included.  I also am a collector of maps, graphic novels, and just about anything Colorado related I can get my hands on.

My working background is mostly in human resources and legal assisting, but after a big move, I have been working as a cashier at my local Wal-Mart.  As some of you from small towns know, sometimes you just have to suck it up and take whatever job available, even if you don't love it.

I'm also (am most importantly) the proud, obsessed momma of four of the cutest, most wonderful bunnies you ever did see - not that I'm biased or anything.  You won't see them a ton here on Somewhere Over Yonder, but they show up regularly on my Instagram account.

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